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viernes, junio 01, 2007

Sabiduría - Wisdom

Ilustración personal que elaboré con el tema "Sabiduría". Limpié el cielo para darle más fuerza a la composición - Personal illustration I did with the theme "Wisdom". I cleaned the sky to give more strenght to the composition.

9 comentarios:

nELSÖN! dijo...

Thkx Bog for your kind comment. I like a lot this indian, the mix of the buterfly with the feather is nice| Keep it up. See ya later.

ken dijo...

nice work you have! cool illustration

ken :D

bog_art dijo...

I was serious Nelson, that Pamela Anderson was impressive..

Thanks Ken.. it is always nice that someone with your talent, visit my page..

adrian dijo...

Well if it wasn't yours I'd sure love to see the winner. This is awesome.

marcobucci dijo...

COOL! Really convincing perspective, on a very tough angle to draw. Great work!

bog_art dijo...

Thanks Adrian, really they called me three days ago and there is a small chance with this one..

I use your work to improve my skills Marco, so thanks..

Anónimo dijo...

Good job on all of your artwork! Your english is good! Remember practice makes perfect! I hope that you win the contest! You deserve it because of all of your hard work!

ValGalArt dijo...

Your art is incredible! I love it, your faces are so unique and distinct!

bog_art dijo...

-Thanks mona!!.. thanks for all..

-Thanks Valerie!!.. I don't know how my art is unique and distinct.. but thanks!!..