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jueves, mayo 03, 2007

Hebe - Hebe

Estudio de una obra del pintor inglés Sir Joshua Reynolds. Hebe era la personificación de la juventud en la jerarquía de las deidades de Grecia. - Study of one of the art jobs of the english painter Sir Joshua Reynolds. Hebe was the personification of youth in the hierarchy of ancient Greece.

4 comentarios:

caricaturas dijo...

Hey man thkx again. Nice illustration would look welll on colours.

Brandon Inman dijo...

dude, this one's rad! cool warrior too. yeah i've been lazing on my artwork. well, not really but i've just been dealing with other things in life. grr.. anyway, i've been sketching but i hate just posting sketches unless final artwork comes out of it too. so hopefully i can get some crap done very soon. hope you're doing well bro.

omar dijo...

Muy buenas ilustraciones. Te felicito!

beaux dijo...

nice values, and I like the hands. keep it up! B